The following are members of the Board elected during the General Shareholders meeting on 18-03-2012:

Mr. Abdullah Ammar Saudi, Chairman


Abdullah Amar  Saudi:



Personal banking prestigious and currently serves as CEO of ASA Consulting, and Mr. Abdullah is the founder of Arab Banking Corporation, has took over the position of Chief Executive Officer along from 1980 - 1994 which is also the founder of the Arab Company for Financial Services 1982, which is the founding president of the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (from 1972 - 1980) during he was able to establish branches of the bank in the world. Mr. Abdullah has worked with the Central Bank of Libya is responsible for bank management and the Department of Foreign Investments. Abdullah was chosen by the Saudi government representatives and international commercial banks during the meetings of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Monetary Fund, "the most innovative personal banking in 1980," where he was honored in a ceremony held at Georgetown University in Washington. Also won the award for best personal banking in 1991 by the American Arab Banking Association. It is the first personal gain Award "Arab Banking Personality" in "1993" by the Union of Arab Banks. In recognition of his efforts in the development of the Euro-Arab banking relations, has been awarded several medals and gold medals, the most notable of which was the King of Spain Prize and the Italian President in 1977 and the Tunisian president in 1996 & He holds specialized studies in the field of management and accounting.


Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Zulficar, Member.


Ahmed Mohamed Zulficar

Deputy Chief Executive.

Deputy Chief Executive - Ahli United Bank - Kuwait holds a Bachelor of Commerce - Cairo University 1976, Deputy Chief Executive Experience for more than 30 years in the following institutions: Chase National Bank (Chase Manhattan Bank)JP Morgan Chase,National Bank of Kuwait,  Courses obtained: Chase Manhattan Bank(JP Morgan Chase),credit course, executive management, The Treasury and Private Banking and Islamic.

Mr.Adel El-Labban , Deputy Chariman


Adel EL –Labban:

Deputy Chariman

Adel El-Labban is the Group CEO & Managing Director of Ahli United Bank BSC (AUB), Bahrain. Accountable to the Board of Directors for the management of all aspects of the commercial, retail and private banking and wealth management businesses of AUB and its subsidiaries and affiliates in Bahrain, the UK, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt, Oman and Libya.  Responsible for AUB’s regional expansion strategy through acquisitions and business combinations as well for the organic development and synergies between the AUB Group banks.  Directorships include, Ahli United Bank BSC, Ahli United Bank (UK) Plc, Ahli United Bank KSC (Kuwait), Ahli Bank QSC (Qatar), Ahli Bank SAOG (Oman), Ahli United Bank SAE (Egypt), Commercial Bank of Iraq ISC (CBIQ) and United Bank for Commerce & Investment LSC (Libya).

Mr. Omar Fakhri Noureddine Al-Enezi , Member


Omar Fakhri Aneizi:

Deputy Chairman /General Manager of the (MEDRE).

Director since 1978 holds a Faculty of Economics & Political Science B.Sc. Economics from Cairo University, Deputy Chairman /General Manager with Mediterranean Insurance &Reinsurance Company -London ,1968-1978 working with Libya Insurance Company (LIC) as a operated in all department of direst insurance, 1971 -1974 deputy General Manager at LIC, 1974-1978 Chairman & General Manager.  Other Responsibilities Director of :Arab Insurance Group –Manama, Libyan Airlines –Lecturer  of Insurance ,Gharyounis University –Benghazi, Director of  Arab Reinsurance Company , Beirut ,Director of Social Security ,Tripoli –Sahara Bank .


Mr. Abdellatif Abdul Hafeez Elkib, Member


Abdul Latif Alkib:

Chairman of UBAE Arab Italian Bank (Rome) .

Chairman of UBAE Arab Italian Bank (Rome) , holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Accounting (University of Benghazi 1964), 2008 Chairman of the Board of Management Sahara Bank, 2007 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Investment Company, 2004 Chairman of  Sahara Insurance Co Libya, 0.1977 Managing Director AIB - Cairo, former member of the Board of Directors UBAE London - Paris - Bahrain, former member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Bank of Spain - Madrid, Bank Chairman North Africa - Beirut, Chairman Bank of Commerce and Finance Damascus – Syria.

Mr. Abdul Fattah Fadyl Elsageer, Member


Abdul Fattah Ghaffar:

Chairman of the Association Libyan banks.

Chairman of the Association Libyan banks and exchange company, holds a Master of Accounting at the Academy graduate 1996, , 2012 General Manager of Gumhoria Bank, 2008 General Manager of  AL Umma Bank , 2005 Chief of the Management  board in AL Umma Bank, Joined several courses in banking.

Mr. Moataz EL Rafie, Member


  Moataz EL Rafie:

Senior Advisor to Chairman –AUBK .

Advisor to Chairman - Managing Director, Ahli United Bank (Kuwait), holds a B.SC Business Administration Cairo University 1976, 2012 General Manager of Corporate Banking & Treasury - Boubyan Bank, 2008 General Manager –strategic planning &Business Development –National Bank of Kuwait, 1992 Deputy General Manager –Corporate Banking Group – Career  Developed from Senior Manager at Corporate Banking Group to Executive Manager & Division Head , over 30 years  of well rounded Banking and Management  experience with extensive emphasis  on Credit & corporate Banking.

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